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Feed Your Soul

My fondest memories as a child involve the kitchen. I can clearly remember pulling up a kitchen chair next to the stove so I could stand next to my mother and watch her cook. Her recipes were never written down. Meals were prepared with skill, as well as a well-developed sense for how the herbs, spices and the other ingredients blended together. And, then there are the memories of the gatherings around the table, from the simple dinners to the intricately prepared holiday feasts. These experiences form the basis of who I am on so many levels and have led to a life-long fascination with not only capturing my family's recipes and stories, but with helping others uncover those same things.

Recipes and stories are history, part of each family's unique heritage. But, can they also be the foundation for future? I built Roots to Fruit because I know that who you are today is because of the meals you shared in the past and the family culture those gatherings helped to develop. And, more importantly, I believe that who you will become tomorrow is also a function of the time spent breaking bread around the table.

This is what Roots to Fruit will explore-- who can we be together if we spend time around the table celebrating our past, recognizing where we are today and setting a course for the future we want to bring into the world. Roots to Fruit will engage with people of all backgrounds and help them plan a unique way to contribute to the world as a group.

I invite you to come on this journey with me. I promise we will meet some fascinating people along the way. I look forward to introducing you to them and sharing the Fruit that their Roots will help to produce.

Vibrant bowl of salad

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